It seems like everyone is trying to integrate AI into their products these days,and if you've used any of the most popular website builders chances are you've noticed that option to use AI or an AI assistant. The problem is that it's still pretty expensive to request generations so what happens? The company passes that cost onto their customers. You'll often notice AI features requiring you to upgrade to a new pricing plan and use credits to pay per generation.

We've been experimenting with AI, prompt engineering, LLMS and AI agent creation for a while now and even begun integrating it into our website builder, but at the moment, the output is still pretty rudimentary and not terribly useful in real-world cases. (After a while you can start to tell when copy and content is AI generated and it can be difficult to give it all the context it needs in order to make the end result valuable.) It's also expensive, really expensive.

So instead or pushing our latest AI features and leaving our users with higher monthly subscriptions, we've decided to share how you can shortcut this and use ChatGPT to do it yourself, for free! And all it takes is just a few seconds using this copy and paste prompt.

If you're already creating your website on Siimple this technique works exceptionally well and has been throughly tested. If not, I highly recommend trying signing up for Siimple and trying it out for free to create a simple landing page or 1-page website from scratch.

Okay onto the prompt!

First grab the URL for your Siimple website, or select one of these website demos. Copy and paste that URL into ChatGPT.

Light green website theme with Black women therapist image on the right
Siimple Therapist Website

Then copy and paste the following prompt:

✏️Take this website [insert URL] and write me the copy and content I need for each section in the same way it is displayed here. It should be or a business coach in the Bay Area that helps women to succeed as entreprenuers. Use first person and keep the tone casual, yet professional.

And that's it!

All you have to do know is copy and paste each piece of content in! You can easily tweak things as you go, adjust the prompt or ask it for further requests.

Yellow and Black website theme with black woman sitting at desk on the right
Siimple Coaching Website